Hey everyone!

In the next few months I will be running a Kickstarter in the hopes of getting my own laser cutter – I absolutely adore laser cutting, there’s SO much that you can make!

To achieve this dream, I will need help!

Specifically your help, if possible :)

The rewards will be really freaking cool laser-cut products such as this cupcake stand I made in January from clear acrylic, but there will be the option to get this beauty in BLACK (how awesome is that going to be), as well as other ‘normal’ cake stands with the lacey details.

How can I help?

Honestly, just sharing the project information/photos, with the link would be amazing, and greatly appreciated! If you know anyone who you think would like it, and are happy to share it with your friends, you have my heartfelt thanks! So please leave this info with the photos!

I have made a listing for those who would like to be notified when the Kickstarter goes up, here: http://wereallmadhere.co/products/lace-edge-cupcake-stand

*hugs from Australia*

<3 <3

nekomagica asked:

Do sold out items ever go back in stock ??


If you mean My Little Pony/Doctor Who necklaces, then yes! They sure do :) If you mean the lolita items, yes a lot of it is sold out because they are the last ones, but some prints I still have fabric for, just no time to make more at the moment!


prettyasukas asked:

I literally just discovered you guys and your amazing designs and I'm really sad that I won't ever be able to own Zombie Carnival for my very own.

Aww I’m so sorry! I do still have fabric for the black colourway and am happy to make more skirts, just no time at the moment! Hopefully you’ll be able to pick up a JSK on the comm sales? :)


campiondarling asked:

Hello! So I came across your Doctor Who items and I was wondering if you do custom orders? I looked at the FAQ section in your shop but it wasn't listed, so I figured I might as well ask. Thanks in advance! I love your stuff :)


I’m not doing custom orders at the moment sorry! When I have my own laser cutter it won’t be a problem, but I think that could be far down the track!




"Shiny! Pretty! Fancy!!"

MLP Elements of Harmony Necklaces are now up in the online shop! They are cut from gold mirror acrylic and accented to add the various element shards. The Elements of Harmony Booksafe will be added soon as well.

Lyra is also available, and Luna will be too!

Take a look here: wereallmadhere.co/collections/my-little-pony 

Prices are in Aussie $$  :)